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 Oct. 14 (Wed)

 9:20           Opening

 9:30-10:20    Pietro Corvaja (Univ. Udine)
                   Upper bounds for gcd(u-1,v-1), u,v S-units, generalisations
                   and applications (joint works with Zannier)

10:35-11:20   栰岥 弫師榊 (搶嫗戝妛 悢棟壢妛尋媶壢)
                   A new unicity theorem and Erd\"os' problem for polarized semi-abelian
                   varieties (joint with P. Corvaja)

11:30-12:00   拞懞 棽 (搶嫗棟壢戝妛 棟岺妛晹)
                   The joint universality for the Euler-Zagier double L-functions

13:45-14:15   嶳杮 廋巌 (搶嫗戝妛 悢棟壢妛尋媶壢)
                   On Shintani's invariants for totally real number fields

14:15-14:45   巗尨 桼旤巕 (峀搰戝妛 岺妛尋媶壢)
                   Non-vanishing of the value of L-functions丂attached to primitive forms
                   on the critical line

15:00-15:30   墫尒 戝曘 (柤屆壆戝妛 懡尦悢棟壢妛尋媶壢)
                   On congruence zeta functions for cyclotomic function fields

15:30-15:55   壀杮 戩栫 (柤屆壆戝妛 懡尦悢棟壢妛尋媶壢)
                   Analytic properties of a certain multiple Dirichlet series

16:10-16:40   楅栘 惓弐 (搶嫗戝妛 悢棟壢妛尋媶壢)
                   Eisenstein series and zeros of zeta functions

崸恊夛 (嫗戝惗嫤 儗僗僩儔儞 僇儞僼僅乕儔)

 Oct. 15 (Thu)

 9:10-10:00   Kalman Gyory (Univ. Debrecen)
                  S-unit equations in number fields: effective results, generalizations,
                  applications, abc conjecture

10:10-11:00   Attila Pethoe (Univ. Debrecen)
                   On the distribution of Pisot and CNS polynomials

11:15-12:05   埳尨 峃棽 (嫗搒戝妛 悢棟夝愅尋媶強)
                   The arithmetic function in 3 complex variables closely related to
                   L-functions of global fields

13:45-14:10   埳搶 埱婓巕 (柤屆壆戝妛 懡尦悢棟壢妛尋媶壢)
                   On the divisibility of class numbers of imaginary quadratic fields
                   $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{3^{2e}-4q^n})$ and some Diophantine equations

14:10-14:35   媨嶈 棽巎 (庱搒戝妛搶嫗 棟岺妛尋媶壢)
                   On exponential Diophantine equations concerning Pythagorean triples

14:50-15:20   恄扟丂桜堦 (戝搶暥壔戝妛 宱嵪妛晹)
                   A relation between arithmetical functions and code systems
                    (joint with Leo Murata)

15:20-15:45   彫搰 彶懢 (棫嫵戝妛 棟妛尋媶壢)
                   A generalization of trigonometric functions

16:00-16:45   挿嶁 寶擇 (朄惌戝妛 岺妛晹), Oto Strauch (Math. Inst. Slovak Acad. Sci.)
                   Distribution function and Benford's law

 Oct. 16 (Fri)

 9:20 - 9:50   宩揷 徆婭 (宑滀媊弇戝妛 宱嵪妛晹)
                   Asymptotic expansions for the mean square of higher derivatives of
                   Lerch zeta-functions

10:00-10:50   Michel Waldschmidt (Inst Math Jussieu)
                   Recent Diophantine results on zeta values: a survey

11:05-11:55   暯揷 揟巕 (擔杮戝妛 棟岺妛晹)
                   p-adic logarithmic functions and applications

13:45-14:15   揷拞 棫巙 (嬨廈戝妛 悢棟妛尋媶堾)
                   On some relations for multiple L-values

14:15-14:45   愳搰 妛 (柤屆壆戝妛 懡尦悢棟壢妛尋媶壢)
                   Interpolation of finite multiple harmonic sums and relations among
                   multiple zeta values

15:00-15:30   嶳嶈 媊摽 (垽昋戝妛 棟岺妛尋媶壢)
                   Higher depth regularized products and zeta functions of Milnor type

15:30-15:55   惵栘 岝攷 (柤屆壆戝妛 懡尦悢棟壢妛尋媶壢)
                   A certain estimate appearing in the Atkinson-type formula of
                   cusp L-functions

16:05-16:35   嵅乆栘 媊戩 (嬤婨戝妛 棟岺妛晹)
                   Weighted multiple zeta values via higher Mahler measure

16:40           Closing