CNRS Kamakura-Daibutsu Asakusa JSPS

French-Japanese Winter School
on Zeta and L-functions


January 8 - 11, 2008

Maholova Minds Miura
Miura, Kanagawa, JAPAN


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K. Matsumoto (Nagoya, JAPAN)
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H. Tsumura (Tokyo, JAPAN)
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About the Winter School

   The focus of the Winter School will be on some recent advances in the study of various zeta and L-functions. The main aim is to study several aspects of zeta and L-functions including recent developments. There will be detailed lectures given by French and Japanese experts in these fields. Additionally some related new results will be presented by young mathematicians.

   This workshop is funded by the CNRS and JSPS as a part of the French-Japanese project "Multiple zeta functions and their applications".

Invited Lectures

G. Bhowmik (Lille, FRANCE)
"Analytic continuation of Euler product in several variables"

A. Chambert-Loir (Rennes, FRANCE)
"Height zeta functions of algebraic varieties"

S. Egami (Toyama, JAPAN)
Title: "Multiple zeta-functions and the reciprocity law"

Y. Hironaka (Tokyo, JAPAN)
Title: "Spherical functions on some p-adic homogeneous spaces"

M. Kaneko (Fukuoka, JAPAN)
Title: "Some aspects of poly-Bernoulli numbers"

H. Katsurada (Muroran, JAPAN)
Title: "Periods of modular forms and special values of their L-functions"

Y. Komori (Nagoya, JAPAN)
Title: "Multiple Bernoulli polynomials and multiple L-functions of root systems"

J. Nicaise (Lille, FRANCE)
Title: "P-adic and motivic zeta functions"

T. Rivoal (Grenoble, FRANCE)
Title: "Approximations to the values of Riemann zeta function"


List of Participants

Short talks


   To register for the conference, please send the organizers an email by November 1, 2007. Please inform the organizers: your name, your e-mail address, affiliation and postal address, and the period of stay.
This School will be held in the style of a 'learning centre'. By default the apartments would be shared by 3 or 4 persons. Please check the guest apartment in the web-page:
which consists of graceful European style rooms, an additional tatami room, and a small kitchin. Indeed this accommodation has no single room and no twin room. If the participant hopes to use the single or the twin room, some extra charges are claimed. As a reference, the expense of one night stay with the meal fees (breakfast, lunch, and supper) is as follows:

   Basic                        9000 Yen
   Twin room use         11100 Yen
   Single room use       14300 Yen

On January 10 evening, the banquet will be held. So it is necessary to pay the additional charge (about 3600Yen).

The participation in the School only in daytime will be admitted. In this case, please send the organizers an email, because the capacity of the meeting room is limited. If you hope to have lunch or supper with staying participants, please write it in your email, because it is possible to provide lunch and supper according to a prior reservation.

Financial Support

   If you need financial support, please consult the organizers. Some support is possible. However, since fiscal resources are limited, we may not be able to entertain all requests. In particular, it seems to be impossible to support mathematicians in foreign countries financially.

Travel Information
This Winter School is held at the hotel `Maholova Minds Miura' which is located near Miura-kaigan station in the Keikyu-Line. See the map
When you go out of Miura-kaigan station, you can find only one big building on the left hand from the traveling direction of the train, which is the hotel `Maholova Minds Miura'. Please walk aiming at this big building as a target. It takes about 7 or 8 minutes to go to the hotel `Maholova Minds Miura' from the Miura-kaigan station.

(1) From Shin-Yokohama or Yokohama Station to Miura-kaigan:

Take the JR Yokohama-Line in Shin-Yokohama station and go to Yokohama station. This takes about 15 minutes. Please transfer the Keikyu-Line, the rapid express bound for Misakiguchi station. Then you can arrive at Miura-kaigan station. This takes about 50 minutes.

(2) From Haneda Airport to Miura-kaigan:

Take the Keikyu-Line, anything is OK, and go to Keikyu-Kamata station. This takes about 10 minutes. Please transfer the rapid express bound for Misakiguchi station. Then you can arrive at Miura-kaigan station. This takes about 60 minutes.

(3) From Narita Airport to Miura-kaigan:

Take the JR Narita Express ("NEX") for Yokohama or Ofuna station, by which you can go to Yokohama station directly. It starts at
       8:10, 10:16, 13:43, 15:43, 17:13, 17:44, 18:46 (at present).
This takes about 90 minutes, and is quite comfortable, with announcements in English and refreshments and toilets available on the train.
Besides these, you can also take the JR Narita Express to Tokyo, Shinjuku, or Ikebukuro station. Then, please transfer the train to the JR Tokaido-Line in Tokyo station, which is a local or a rapid train. By this, it takes about 30 minutes to Yokohama. The one way fare is about 4500 yen. When you buy a ticket at the station ticket office you will be given a specific seat number.
If you need a receipt for the Narita Express fare, ask for one when you buy the ticket. Afterwards it will be too late, as your ticket will be swallowed by the ticket gate when you leave JR territory at Yokohama. Alternatively you can tell a ticket collector staff at Yokohama station that you wish to keep your ticket, and he will return it to you after stamping it.
In Yokohama station, take the Keikyu-Line, the rapid express bound for Misakiguchi station. Then you can arrive at Miura-kaigan station. This takes about 50 minutes.
It may be convenient to meet your Japanese host, on the Narita Express platform. If you telephone your host from the airport, giving the departure time of your train, he or she will be able to meet you on the Narita Express platform in Yokohama or Tokyo station.

Additional Information  

    * The Winter School will be held at the Hotel Maholova-Minds Annex Building which is located next to the main building.
    * At 11:30AM on Jan. 8, the reception desk will be open at the entrance of the annex building.
    * The conference room ---@Room 1028 (Jan. 8-10) and Room 1027 (Jan 11) located on the 10th floor of the annex building.
    * Wireless LAN system is available in the above conference room. For the detail, more later.
    * The common PC (3 machines) are prepared at the conference room with LAN system. The participants can use them freely from 9AM to 9PM.